After the trauma and horror of this week, I finally have some good news.. for me. :-D
For one, I’ve started working again. Not just that, I’m happy to be back with the team from whom I learnt the mostest. AND I’m back into full-time reporting — no more desk-drudgery, yay!

Today, I debuted at the paper with my firstest byline. Double yay! :-D The story is here.

While I’m happy with the placement (lede on National, yo!), which can be viewed in the epaper here (blurb top left) and here (entire story!), I’m fairly pissed about bhands, both grammatical and factual, in the editing. For one, Veerji is the Hyderabad coordinator for Mehrgarh, not an HRCP member (where the fuck did that even come from?); secondly, you return TO camps, not IN camps; and ‘pregnant women’ as opposed to what, pregnant MEN? What was wrong with ‘pregnant flood survivors’? And so on. Meh.

Anyway, these are issues which will be dealt with in due time. At the moment, I’m happy to be able to go back to reporting full-time. So yay!

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