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Is inciting murder / violence not a crime?

The khateeb in our mohalla, like his counterparts in many other mosques in Karachi, went on a rampage during the Friday sermon today. Not only did he condone Qadri’s actions, he also said that every Muslim who takes the stance that Taseer did will “meet the same end”.

After 40 minutes of this, I’d had enough and decided to take action. I went to the Taimuria police station to lodge an FIR against the khateeb for inciting and condoning violence. Why did I do this? Several reasons:

  1. I believe khateebs have a responsibility to society — a responsibility greater than ours. They are teachers and advisers, and as such, have a duty to reform madness creeping into my society, not exacerbate it;
  2. This is my home — I live here. I don’t want my home to become the madhouse that it is becoming. It is time to take a stand: if now now, then when? If not us, then who?

Am I scared? Of course I am! I’m more scared than I’ve ever been — for the safety of my family than anything else, but a stand has to be taken. If we continue to maintain silence, we will have lost the right to piss and moan at the direction in which this society is going. The government is hedged in from all sides and is under immense pressure. It is our duty as sentient citizens to back them up — to let them know that they are not isolated; that they have our support.

The duty officer at the Taimuria thhaana, however, refused to lodge an FIR. He said that ‘intelligence waalahs’ take note of Friday khutbas and that, ‘action will be taken’. When, I asked. Soon, he said. Not enough, I said. I want to lodge an FIR. He said that he couldn’t do it, and that, I should speak to the SHO, who, at the time, was with the prime minister’s security detail. The duty officer noted my name, ‘waldiyat‘, number and home address; and said that the SHO will get in touch with me after he’s back (by 7 p.m.). Lets see what happens. Will update this once I speak to the SHO.

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